Thursday, 22 June 2017

MI6 Paedosadists - Sir Peter Hayman

Sir Peter Telford Hayman KCMG CVO MBE, Deputy Director of MI6 and an arrested paedosadist caught with sickening pictures and a fantasy diary of raping and killing infants. The reason I share this is because it's remarkable that we also know Sir Maurice Oldfield, Director of MI6 was also a paedosadist raping boys at Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland

However, when we add in that George Bush and Bill Casey were both Directors of the CIA and into raping children, I ask you... WTF is going on when the intelligence services, the people with the license to do whatever they want are into the sadistic abuse of children? W

ho holds the strings of power and what is the controlling force behind the scenes that sets up this sickening matrix?

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Trump's Mentor - Roy Cohn

I wanted to research Roy Cohn and discovered this gem of an interview. I assumed I'd judge him a loathsome New York, Jewish Criminal Lawyer but actually I quite liked him. He struck me as most definitely criminal but somehow a straight shooter.

Most people are told to think that Nixon, McCarthy and other media hate-targets are evil, but I've found that when the media smears someone repeatedly and ad nauseum, then it's the media who are covering up something, and the targets knew something the media would prefer wasn't widely known.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Lord Rothschild Refuses To Insure The Titanic

Because Southampton is the home of the Titanic I stumbled across a library clue that is one of those juicy tidbits of correlation. It supports the idea the owners of the Titanic, were attempting to damage the Titanic in order to swap its sister ship the Olympia for insurance reasons, and/or to subsequently lay the ground for the creation of the Federal Reserve by drowning one side of the ruling elite.

The Titanic was involved with two collision/near collision incidents in the weeks before its maiden voyage. Her sister ship Olympic was also involved in a collision.

Then I went to the Rothschild Archives and discovered they declined to insure the ship, much like Larry Silverstein, owner of the twin towers on 9/11 who did the opposite and banked on the asbestos lined health hazard coming down in the weeks after he took out the policy.

You'd be amazed how often these ruling bloodlines luck-out when it comes to making more money or avoiding dangerous events with insured prescience that is inarguably suspicious.