Friday, 26 May 2017

Marilyn Monroe's Murderer

It makes much more sense that Marilyn was a Beta/Monarch sex slave than she was a great gal who slept with everyone she met including John and Robert Kennedy as well as her shrink (handler?).

That's what Monarch sex slaves do. They fuck when triggered by their abusers who have the keys to their dissociated minds.

Did you know that Marilyn died from a drug enema?

I don't think many of the claims in this podcast makes sense as the authors are too quick to present an hagiography. It is however self evident that Marilyn was murdered, and RFK connected, though considering he was shot by the network, I can also imagine that they would have tried to smear his reputation through this after.

There's an excellent Beta Kitten article on Marilyn over at Vigilant Citizen.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Death - A Part of Life

Many of you know my mother is dying. There's a small chance a miracle could happen but sensibly speaking I just try to enjoy every minute I have with her.

I have noticed that many people I'm connected to through social media, are also going through a lot of grief, worry or bereavement connected to this subject and so I want to share some knowledge that may help.

I've found my past research into the Near Death Experience (NDE) subject as well as personal experience through entheogens have helped me to embrace a much more open minded view of the subject. Reality is a lot more vast than our sliver of electromagnetic frequency spectrum can convey.

Jay Weidner's 'Infinity - The Ultimate Trip" is a helpful documentary if you're struggling on this front. You can buy the movie here.

Lord Mountbatten - Thames Television - Today Programme

In this interview, Mountbatten says he has no idea of television and how it works, yet in Brian Hoey's Mountbatten book he advises the author to be filmed a few inches above his head so the lines on the aging face are not visible. He said he learned this from his Hollywood friends. He and his new wife Edwina also honeymooned in Hollywood.

Mountbatten was best friends with Douglas Fairbanks Jr and so while it's clear he's arrogant and haughty in this follow up interview, it's also clear his obsession with staging events down to the smallest detail proves he knew exactly what he would be getting into when he made a 12 part Television series puff-piece about his life.